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Короче надо придумать 10 предложений, тема такая What would you put in a time capsule and why?

такая вот капсула куда можно положить вещи , а потом открыть эту капсулу через 1000 лет.

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Посмотри мою интерпретацию. Если понравится -твоя.

The time capsule will save the thing put there for years. So, that’s why it must be a unique thing that is of importance to you. What can it be? Probably, photos of your own, handmade things that you would like to show to future generations… practically everything! It is also possible to put some old gadget, for example, bicycle, - and in the year 3008 you would be the man every museum wish to consult and take into service. You would probably be the one who has one of the first prototypes of a “gravy-car”.

For me it would be interesting to put a tomato in the capsule and take after thousand years had gone. I bet it would be eatable if the capsule has vacuum in. And than you can boast of eating the thousand-year tomato which was grown by your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother! :sm(12):

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